The Movement

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, served by a series of ingenuously designed exercise equipment, was specially created to incorporate key principles of gymnastics, swimming, yoga, dance and tai-chi.

Unlike most conventional exercise machines, where linear or isolated movement patterns are performed and create uncoordinated strength, the Gyrotonic method works on major muscle groups in an integrated manner. The emphasis is on joint articulation and the strengthening of surrounding ligaments and tendons. The motion patterns are pure and lyrical.

In the GYROTONIC® methodology, exercises are performed through a spherical and three-dimensional awareness and primarily executed on the pulley tower, a fully adjustable machine that meets the needs of varying body types. The machine provides a variable but controlled resistance, guiding the user to move in a non-weight bearing, self-massaging manner without the fear of injury. Every movement performed on the machine engages the individual from head to toe. This all-inclusive approach increases the functionality of the entire body, restoring harmony and equilibrium.

In the GYROKINESIS® methodology, the circular, spiralling and undulating movements are synchronised with corresponding breathing patterns that stimulate the nervous system. The exercises focus on movement and fluidity, and postures are never held for long periods of time. The aerobic activity is vigorous or gentle, depending on the intensity of the execution. The exercises are designed so as to stretch and strengthen muscles, release and internalise energy all at the same time. Doing so increases vitality, achieves neuro-muscular rejuvenation and reduces or eliminates tightness and body pain.

The Gyrotonic method takes a holistic approach to healing and is used worldwide with great success by professional dancers and athletes. It is also used for the rehabilitation of injuries, general body conditioning and fitness development among people from all walks of life – male and female – from children to senior citizens.