My Story.

Remember how annoying it is to wake up stiff or deal with back pain all day at the office? Recall how disappointing a rigid golf swing is? Or perhaps you gym regularly but you can no longer touch your toes without bending your knees, and you cannot do a pull-up because your strength isn’t coordinated and force gets you nowhere. Even sitting straight takes effort.

A Princeton graduate and ex-Wall Street Investment Banker, I live just like the rest of you – in a technologically dependent, fast-paced society. I wake up to the Internet and spend hours with my computer. Like many of us, I was a victim of back and shoulder pain from prolonged periods of sitting – and massages solved nothing.

When I started the Gyrotonic method, I had no idea what it was, what I meant, what it could achieve. After a few weeks I quickly understood why my body was drawn to it: My shoulder tightness and back pain completely disappeared. My migraines went away and my productivity increased remarkably. Gyrotonic exercises even re-aligned my tilted hips and twisted lower spine (scoliosis), something I had never imagined possible. Though I had not run on a treadmill or weight-lifted in years, my muscles are well-defined and much stronger. I gained strength without gaining chunkiness and in fact, am more toned and grew taller. I now work in comfort, always.

Above all, I have regained what most adults yearn for – the childlike ability to move with fluidity and suppleness. I have developed a deep understanding of the science of the body and the intricacies of each bone, each joint, each muscle, each connection… And this, ladies and gentlemen – this luxurious body figure and powerful freedom of movement – is what I invite you to attain for yourself.

Together, let's discover how.