Wrists, foot and ankles

By channelling energy to the fingertips, Gyrotonic exercises stimulate the entire nervous system and all biological systems of the body, providing stress relief from typing and prolonged computer use. They also build muscular strength in the foot and ankle area and simultaneously stretch surrounding tendons and ligaments.

This is essential and extremely beneficial for those who wear or dance in high heels as the foot bears the weight of the body.


By liberating joint tightness, Gyrotonic movements improve the functionality of the lower limbs. It acts as an ideal physical therapy for athletes and dancers.


Most conventional exercises fail to build strength in the hamstrings. The Gyrotonic method stretches and strengthens this area, which tones the legs and promotes uprightness in the entire body.


Gyrotonic exercises liberate the joint tightness in the pelvic region, a problem we face unknowingly from sitting all day. Apart from relieving tightness and preventing spinal problems, you can shape up the body with long-lasting results.

Lower back

Circular and undulating spinal movements elongate the spine and create space within each vertebrae, which is ideal for alleviating back and shoulder pain, and preventing injuries particularly to the lumbar spine.


Whether you are looking to flatten the abdominals or build actual strength, Gyrotonic movements work the core muscles (beyond just the upper abdominals), promote alignment, neuromuscular rejuvenation and increase metabolism. This is essential for dancers, athletes and office workers.


Specific breathing patterns in Gyrotonic movements help build cardiovascular strength and improve blood circulation, reducing the risk of heart attacks.

Head and Neck

The decompression of the cervical spine reduces headaches and shoulder pain. Doing so reduces stress, insomnia, enhances concentration and often eliminates migraines and the need for pain relieving drugs.