The Performing Artists

By stimulating all the biological systems and building muscle intelligence and control, the Gyrotonic method offers the perfect body conditioning for performing artists. Too many dancers forget that the biggest hindrance to improvement is failing to address body imbalances. The human body is an interconnected organism and any structural misalignment inevitably restricts movement, be it a simple tango ocho or a ballet plié. Jireh, herself an avid Argentine Tango dancer, has found the Gyrotonic method to be highly relevant to dancing, whether in technique, coordination, physique, or intention.

Similarly, pianists or violinists forget that their fingertips are connected straight to internal organs through the nervous system, and singers forget that voice quality is intricately related to breathing. Practicing Gyrotonic exercises will enable performing artists to draw energy from every part of their body and take their talents to a much higher sensational and technical level.

Jireh is also passionate about toning for models. Knowing how to angle and accentuate different body parts for the camera, or to catwalk with fluidity, will differentiate a model from his or her competitors.