The Office

Do you have continuous backaches and shoulder pain? Do you slouch? Does your neck hurt? Nowadays, most professions require computer work for continuous periods of time. It sounds strange but sitting at your desk or crouching over your Blackberry is harmful to your health. Office ergonomics is a hot topic as more and more people suffer from bad posture, which is detrimental to spinal health and disfigures the skeleton.

A former Wall Street investment banker, Jireh has experienced first-hand the demanding corporate lifestyle and its strain on the human body, both in the office and during business travel. Through Gyrotonic exercises, Jireh addresses issues faced by executives and office workers, including back and joint pain, strained ligaments, insomnia, or chronic stress. Jireh also helps clients correct posture by building core and back muscles and improving alignment. Only with a tension-free body will executives be able to focus their energies on their businesses.