The Individual

Do you want a fit and slender figure or a defined 6-pack? Are you aware that stagnation, muscle imbalance and incorrect posture accelerate aging and distort your body? While we know about the importance of exercise, not all of us understand that conventional methods give unequal attention to body parts. Such lopsided training is inadequate and will lead to muscular imbalance or create chunkiness or joint strains. On the other hand, the systematic Gyrotonic method dramatically invigorates every part of the body, inside and out, improving overall posture, coordination, flexibility and aesthetic form. Developing cardiovascular strength reduces heart attack risk as well. With an energized and relaxed body, the individual is able to increase daily comfort, confidence, work productivity and longevity.

Jireh is a keen believer that Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercises are indispensable tools for the typical individual, and particularly important for those who do not regularly engage in physical activities. The workout can be vigorous and energising, or rehabilitative like a self-massage, but always rejuvenating and delightful.